Many of us always go in for brown eggs thinking that these are better than that of white eggs. Not only eggs but we always prefer brown food items over the white. For example all health conscious people choose brown bread over white bread, brown pasta or white pasta or for that matter brown rice over white rice.

Is brown egg really healthier option than white egg?

What about eggs? Is colour of the shell really matters in choosing right eggs? We at Bally Chohan Fitness Tips conducted survey. Our team visited many local shops and checked with consumers buying eggs? We asked them their preference in choosing eggs and reason behind their choice? Most of the consumers we interviewed were of the view that eggs costing more are healthier and their reason is the cost.

Now let’s analyse if actually there is any difference between these two types of eggs. Why are brown eggs costlier than white eggs? Do the brown eggs have more nutrients? Is there any difference calorie wise also?

Expert views

As per one such research conducted by Cornell University, the white and brown eggs are almost same. The nutritional values of these eggs are also same.

Do you really know what white and brown eggs are? The only difference between white and brown eggs is the chickens that produced these eggs. White feathered chickens produce white eggs whereas brown feathered chickens produce brown eggs. If this is the only difference than why are brown eggs costlier? Brown eggs are costlier because breeding of white hens is cheaper as compared to brown chickens. The diet of brown chickens is more than that of white chickens. One has to spend more to breed brown chickens hence the eggs are costly.

Actually the quality of eggs depends on the quality of food and breeding. The chickens fed nutritious food lay better eggs.

It is the quality of the chicken feed that impacts the taste of the eggs. So if you were to feed a brown


The only point to consider while shopping for eggs is to check for the food provided to chickens and the way they are taken care of i.e. if the eggs are from free range chickens or caged chickens?