Lemon is a yellow fruit having a most of health benefits it is completely rich fruit. It was commenced in Assam, the Northeast India, (which lies in the Asia) where it has been used for years for various edible and inedible purposes all over the world.

Lemon or its juice is sour in taste, as it comprises an amount of 5 to 6% of citric acid present in it. Actually it is a hybrid fruit of citron and orange. Now it is extensively cultivated all over the world. It comprises the highest amount of vitamin C among all fruits which helps people in maintaining, preserving their good health and enhancing their beauty. Many people love to take luke lemon water in the morning as their morning drink.

Some of the health benefits have been mentioned by Bally Chohan Fitness are given below:

1. Good Source of Vitamin C

Lemon is a very good natural source of the vitamin C as it is very rich content fruit which helps in reinvigorate, cleansing element for the skin by providing natural glow to the skin and removing wrinkles. It is also used for scrubbing purpose.

2. Wound heals faster

Due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties it fastens the wound healing process or it help to heal the wound faster.

3. Helps in Relieving Infection

Lemon is used as an antiviral property that provides relief from the viral problems like infection of nose and throat, cough, cold and etc.

4. Effective against Hypertension

The amalgamation of some ingredients like- garlic, onions and lemon is very adequate against the hypertension. Boil 3 crushed garlic cloves, 1 chopped onion with glanced or low fat or soy milk. Add it with 3 fresh lemon juice and sip all through the day. Lemon fully helps you to relish your health or day.

5. Asserts Blood Cholesterol

Lemon completely helps in maintaining or preserving the blood cholesterol level due to the presence of its pectin power and other nutrients with its sustaining the metabolism and circulation.

6. Improves Stomach Acid Production

Lemon stimulates or arouses the stomach muscles that help to enhance or maintain the stomach acid production, as if taken (1 fresh lemon juice in lukewarm water) after every meal, that result in the good digestive system.

7. Maintains Colon Health

Lemon fully perpetuates or maintains the colon health by killing intestinal worms, as it contains the high level of pectin fibers which behave as a powerful antibacterial agent.

8. Improves Digestion

By encouraging the bile production, it aids to the digestion, as it balances the body pH level.

9. Hinder from Infections

It also prevents the growth and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria which leads to various harmful diseases.

10. Reduces Inflammation

It helps in dissolving the uric acid in our body which results in decrement of the knee joint pain and inflammations.