Health & Fitness

'Health' is a general term describing the overall status of a person.  While 'Fitness' on the other hand, is more a measure of the amount of physical capability than a measure of well being. You're either lucky to have good health, But fitness is something which is completely within the control of every person. Everyone (even Olympic athletes!) can improve their fitness by doing more of the correct sort of exercise.

Components of fitness

Fitness is concerned with many components basically as follows:
  1. Balance:The capability to control the center of gravity of your body in relation to your supportive base.
  2. Coordination:The capability to combine several different movement patterns in a single distinct movement.
  3. Strength:This is the ability of your muscles or a muscular unit to apply force.
  4. Flexibility:The ability to maximize the range of motion of a joint.
  5. Agility:The capability to minimize the time going from one movement to another.
  6. Speed:The ability to minimize the amount of time it takes you to accomplish a task or movement.
  7. Stamina (Muscular Endurance):This is your body’s ability to store, process, and use energy.
  8. Accuracy:The capability to control a movement in a given direction or intensity.
  9. Power:The ability of your muscles to maximize their force in a minimum amount of time.
  10. Endurance (Cardiovascular and Cardio-Respiratory):This is your body’s ability to use and deliver oxygen to your body

Fitness in today

With fitness moving in a more holistic direction, Health is becoming an utmost & precious concern, thereby unlike diverting to savings, today everyone is ready to spend most of his earnings on fitness concerned events like gym, yoga, meditation clubs, diets and trainers. But due to lack of proper guidance, one isn’t trained as such it should be.


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